Street View: Barcelona & Madrid

I have always suffered some subconsciously-held prejudices about Spain, based on rather clichéd images of package holidays, an overdeveloped coastline, British people insisting on being served real ale and full English breakfasts in their mother tongue, stag weekends and general loutishness.

All of this depends, of course, on where you go and what you seek out when you get there. On a recent trip to Barcelona and Madrid I was impressed by the infectious energy, a sense of history, great architecture, and an effortless co-existence of young and old. It’s the kind of place where you just want to be out on the street to soak up the atmosphere, sample delicious food and pick up fashion tips.

There are plenty of dynamics and contrasts to feed the photographer’s eye, and I tried to capture this sense of continual movement, vibrancy, dramatic light and contrasting signs of prosperity and poverty that permeate the urban landscape.