Street Photos and Portraits: Valletta, Malta

Maltese travel guides are full of references to a chequered history made up of Greek, Roman, Arab, Norman, French and British influences. They talk at length about the legacy of the Knights of St. John, the interesting architecture and the great food that characterise this Mediterranean island with its temperate December days.

It’s all there in abundance, especially in the capital Valletta, where the old town’s rustic streets are lined with traditional, independent family businesses and architecture from these bygone eras. It’s an interesting place to visit for a weekend and a fantastic location for street photography and portraits, even if the atmosphere is tainted by a peculiar strain of crass commercialism and some freaky twists of pop culture.

Do you enjoy doing your Christmas shopping in streets echoing with the 100 Greatest XMas Panpipe Hits? Then hurry over. Are you a closet Euro Disney fan? Then come right in. This beautiful world heritage site turned slightly odd retirement village won’t disappoint you. Enjoy.