1. No matter how negatively it has or will affect Londoners, I still think it is very exciting to be part of it all. It’s a shame that Stratford has lost a lot of its original character and typical east end vibe – the mash and pie shops are gone etc etc, but this change has been happening over a very long time and not only in Stratford. Look at Camden for example. And Brick lane. I say “Hoorah” to the Olympics!

    1. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that at least part of Stratford has been cleaned up – it was a bit of a dump to be honest. I think in places like Camden we have lost something. Here, not so much. I just hope that the benefits spill over to the surrounding areas, because at the moment it’s very isolated. But they will apparently bring those scary fences down after the games. And hopefully they won’t repeat the Canary Wharf mistake through having a better mix of people and businesses to give it some vibrancy. So we’ll see.

      In the meantime I should be getting my opening ceremony tickets next week. Yay!

      1. Hi Stefan, I just read your story. Hm, so busy at work and no time….
        It would be amazing going to the opening ceremony. Wish I was there. I still want to go to the Olympic Games, well have to see when…
        I attended the 2004 in Athens. The atmosphere was fantastic… The only problem was we didn’t get any room; all was sold out, so we slept in the park near the venue (it was a park where gays stay). OMG we did enjoy…and had a wonderful time.

        I envy you…….

        1. That sounds like a good adventure though. I must say Friday night was amazing. The atmosphere was explosive with the rowdy crowd and an amazing sound system that sounded like it was ready to lift the roof. I’m definitely glad I got to go!

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