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Stefan Ferreira Portrait

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

The world’s saturated with information and images right now and I know just how valuable your attention is, so if I manage to entertain or inspire you – even if it’s just for 30 seconds – then I’m smiling.

I was 14 when I used an SLR for the first time. My high school had a darkroom, a semi-pro Nikon SLR and lots of materials to play with, and there was a group of us who took the opportunity to learn the basics of photography. We shot black and white photos at functions and sports events for publication in the school’s paper and yearbook.

Back in the darkroom, there was the smell of chemicals, the sophistry of processing rolls of 35mm film in utter darkness, and the magic of seeing those initially misty apparitions develop into images under a dim red light. What’s not to love?

Pictures and words: they’ve entertained me ever since, and this site is my little homage to both.